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What is Break Room Therapy?

Ever get so mad, frustrated, or sad that you just want to break something? This is the place for you! At Break Room Therapy, we provide you the space and the tools to break objects and let out all your aggravations in your life. Smashing our wide array of objects can also be just plain fun and a great activity for your friends, spouse, coworkers, or family to do together!  

What can I break at Break Room Therapy?

We have the following items in stock but are always adding to our inventory.

Printers, TVs, dishes, glasses, mugs, computer monitors and so many other items. And to assist you in your smashing we have baseball bats, crowbars, and so much more!

You can also bring your own items if you would like just no tube TVs/CRT monitors, liquids, food,  or explosives. We allow up to 10 glass (cleaned out) items for no additional cost. 10 items is total not per guest. All electronics brought in are charged a $5 disposal fee per item.  We do not break appliances – only electronics.

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